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Nate Logan lyrics : "Story Of A Kid"

This is the story of a kid who had his head in the clouds
Who one day after school we knew would never come down.
It started with this kid who lived his life as a game

And it ended with a stranger saying "hey, what's your name?"

"john" he replied, "why did you wanna know that?

"no reason" he said "why don't you hop in the back?"
"i've got a lot to do, and i'm really really busy"
"just hop in the car man, come on, it's really easy"

With no further words, john put his bag in the car
Hopped in the back, hoping to not go that far
He was only a kid, and he had so much to learn

Now facing a fate that he just didn't deserve
Before john could think, the man sped up and away
Releasing his thoughts, and other plans in the day

"stay quiet kid, and everything will be cool"
"just let me out now, i gotta get back to school"
"you're not goin there, and you can trust me on that"

John looked out the window, thinkin he'd never go back

This is the story of a kid who had his head in the clouds

Who one day after school we knew would never come down.
Instead of going with, he coulda simply said "no"
But now he may go home, with a few scars to show.

On the ride went, and went with no words exchanged
2 miles more, and still nothing had changed

Till a bump in the road, which blew out the tire
Broke the awkward silence, and ignited the fire
The firey rage that had built up from within

Of this terrible man who had taken john in
And now it was simply just a matter of time
Until john learned the plan this guy had in his mind

With tears that rolled down, the man let go of his pain
Confessing with his head up, talking into the rain
"my name's john too, but i'm not cool, i'm always alone.

I took you in cause i wanted a friend, but i couldn't get my own.
You took things for granted, and lived life as a game
And never took hold of what you could've became

So take this here phone, and make a call to your friend
I'll tell him your story, how it starts and then ends.
With a dial and a ring, chills went up john's spine

Little did i know that phone was connecting to mine.
I waited for a second, and said "john, are you there?"
Another voice said "i've got a story to bear."

"this is the story of a kid who could've died today
But he chose to cooperate, and now he shall stay.

He'll go home today having made a new friend
A friend who taught him any day could be the end"

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