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NATE DOGG lyrics : "Puppy Love (Feat. Dogg Pound, Snoop Doggy Dogg)"

I ain't got no time for no (*##$es
I gotta clock my dough clownin'

Hittin' switches in a green 6-4
With the drink in a on deck and the bombest indo
A car full of gas and nowhere to go

I gets a call on the phone - "what's happenin'?"
Pimpin', chillin' with (*##$es drinking Silver Satin
Is them (*##$es on deck, on deck to the fullest

Gots that type of game and I'm know just to pull 'em
Now as I stroll and as I pass by
Maxin' with my doggs feelin' dandy and high

Is that looney mutha$#&@a that they call Kurupt
Ballin' out the house with some Gin in his cup

Now I found myself blowin' out smoke
Bombed out looney and locced

Open up them doors let me see some of th hoez
it's Kurupt and I'm liable to $#&@ three or four
I'm hittin' hoes like I'm hittin' licks

But I don't love that trick (*##$
'Cause (*##$es gettin' ^!$$%z dick sick
I don't pay pay rent, my rent gets paid

I pimp hoes like silky train
On and on it goes
I thought thete mutha$#&@as knew, but now you know


Puppy love, call it what you want, biatch
Puppy love, call it what you want, biatch

[Nate Dogg]
1975 I was just a young pup
tryin' to learn to be a dogg

But in the process steadily gettin' $#&@ed
I met this lil' sexie dame ya'll before I knew
All the rules to the game

It ain't no need to lie
A lil' ^!$$% like me got played, and if she left me
I thought I'd die

Ya'll don't ask, I don't the reason why
Thought she was sent from the heavens above
Ya'll it's just a bad taste of puppy love


Puppy Love
Puppy Love
Puppy love

puppy love

Sometimes I sit and think of how I used to be

Before I got converted to a D-O-double G
I'd like to thank that girl
From way back in the days

Cause if it weren't for you I wouldn't pimp this way


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