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NATE DOGG lyrics : "Nobody Does It Better"

(feat. Warren G)
Nobody.... does it better [Nate Dogg (2x)]
Nobody... does it better

Nobody... does it better

[Chorus (Nate Dogg)]

They can come closer than close, yeah
Original they never will be
We bumpin' from coast to coast, yeah yeah

We just tryin' make you see
Nobody does it better

[Warren G]
I'm sittin' here trippin'
My mind is blocked

Nate Dogg just spit it so it's time to @@#!
No one can do it better like this 2 man crew
They say we're one hit quitters

So what cha'll gonna do?

[Nate Dogg]

Always into somethin, that's my name
Only out for money, hey 'cause that's the game
People always ask me why I'm out for scratch

He who has the most is he who won the match

[Warren G]

Strike one
Me and Nate Dogg is a match
Stike two

Leave 'em standing still in their tracks
Strike three
You can call us two one three

It's the L and the B that makes me act like a G

[Nate Dogg]

My exhibition started back in '93
No one, nobody listenin' but Warren and me
To all the nonbelievers, now I bet you see

Nobody does it better than me


[Warren G]
They call me DJ and the spark plug

Keepin' it licked
There is no accident for these platinum hits
So when we make it to show love,

Bangin' in your club
Hangin' with your thugs
Givin' up G love

[Nate Dogg]
Do you remember back on the east side?

When all of us ^!$$%s used to love to ride
We didn't care what we did
Time was nothing to us, we were just kids

Times are different now, but you still get stuck
I'm not a kid no more, I just don't give a $#&@
So if you think you really wanna step to me

Keep this is mind: nobody does it better than me


[Warren G]
Wow, make you say go now

Hot rap singles on the charts now
Got a baby
So I'm breakin' hearts now

On your mark, get set, it starts now

[Nate Dogg]

All you pimp playin' hustelers, now ya know
You can't keep me out once you crack the door
Either join a team or it's best you flee

Nobody does it better than me


[2x] Nobody.... does it better

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