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NATE DOGG lyrics : "Get Up"

Can never claim to be a gangsta ^!$$%
Just gangsta

Now take a sip of something
Let me entertain you
The smoke is for them rowdy ^!$$%s

Like they want to shank ya
I @@#! back and blast with no questions asked
So just hold tight

Don't let the liquor run your whole night
Don't let a second of courage $#&@ up your whole life
I play the color !@#^yze the view

Push up my glass to a dolla just a chosen few
'cause I don't $#&@ with many
Especially the tough ones off a glass of henny

'Specially the ones always frontin that don't have a penny
I run with ^!$$%s that demand respect
And I'm a boss (*##$ most y'all cant handle that

All you can do is watch and glide
And take a special type ^!$$% to stop a stride
'cause I cant respect a ^!$$% that soft

And I bet y'all never seen it commin
Me and my ^!$$% Nate dogg



All the girls get up
Take it too the floor
Nate just bout to flow

Turn it up some more
All my dogs get down
Let me see ya move

All the girls get up

Get up and get down

Im on my way to the liquor store
With E-V-E and my ^!$$% rose
Got too much game to be slippin though

I let you know if you didn't know

Never will you be able to $#&@ with me

Never will I ever stop bustin I'm makin Gs
Whenever I retire I'm gonna still be beats
%#@! that keep ya head bobbin

People move your feet

Shake that baby

Driving me crazy
I want that thing
No ifs, ands, or maybes

I might just keep it
If you can keep a secret
Best believe I know how to please it

Twist and turn and got my body burning
She ain't broke yet but homie she learnin


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