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NATE DOGG lyrics : "Concrete Streets"

I'm from the jungle with the concrete streets
You don't wanna rumble wit the real O.G.'s

Man I'll plant ya like a chronic seed
And ya girl done ran away wit me
I can show you how to catch these freaks

I can show you how to beat these streets
I can show you how to crack the safe
Let me show you how to break that bank

[Nate Dogg]
Ain't a damn thang changed

Still rollin on Dana Danes
Still packin steel claimin DPG
I always keep my thang

Always got weed on my brain
Always got a dime piece wit me
I'm gone let yo roll call

I'm gone ball till I fall
Keep it gangsta just for all of ya'll
Nate D, O, double G

Bangin from the west to the east


[Nate Dogg]
No need to fight it baby

I know you want it lady
I can tell by the way you watch me
I like the way that you walk

I like the way that you talk
Ooh what that accent does to me
Yeah I still claim 213

Yeah I still bang DPG
Hang wit Nate, Snoop, and Warren G
Yeah I got hoes that love me

Got gangstas bangin my beats
I got hoes from here to overseas


[Nate Dogg]

I need a gangsta lady
One from around the way
I need a girl that likes to play everyday

She said her friend wants to see
She said her friend is nasty
I say you get your friend and come right away

[Chorus 2X]

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