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NATE DOGG lyrics : "Bad Girls"

(feat. Redman)


I react like a dog when ya move his food
I'll turn your blocks upside down like Rubik's Cube
I need a bad girl to make a ^!$$% lose his cool

But in the heat of the battle she'll pull his tool
I take 'em - skinny, dumb, blind, crippled and crazy
Or even five-hundred pounds sweatin' gravy

You know, she cooks cover, not with Maybelline
So "Next Friday" she hunt you like Baby D
I told her I'm not big, I'm tight with money

Tight ^!$$%, stay %#@!tin' with a diaper on me
^!$$%z throw on your gators, I'm the type that's bummy
Stayin' around the hood keep me nice and hungry

She said "I like your style", I complimented
Her $$# like a garden, I gotta dig it
^!$$%z better duck when baby squeeze

Bad girl, bad girl from L.A.P.D. ^!$$%

[Nate Dogg]

I, I know that I shouldn't, I
Shouldn't buy into this lie
I know that she got 2 or 3/4 guys

I, I know that these girls all fly
And they know that I'm that guy
Who can make all these girls come alive

Why? Because I got my eye
Got my eyes on them thighs
And she got her eyes on this bad guy

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)

Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)
Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)
Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)

[Nate Dogg]
I, I got a nasty mind

And she got a big behind
I gotta make that bad girl mine
Why? She likes to play all night

Knows how to move just right
I better slow down before she pass me by
Tonight, I'ma show her tonight

Won't let her go tonight
Look at her shake it, my-my-my

Ey yo Nate, that bad girl ain't Platinum, she a Diamond to me
She got a car door that open, ninety degrees

Or how 'bout them women, that's outdoor 'til the mail come
First of the month, they toes and nails done
Workin' three jobs just to feed her children

And to $#&@ me on the beach at Hedonism
She smoke like I do, ride like I ride
She's that bad girl that'll ride 'til I die

Fool, ^!$$%, say ya seen what?
Bad girls all gettin' stuck in here
Yo, bad girls, they gettin' stuck in here

Yo, these bad girls gettin' stuck in here

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)
Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)
Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)

Bad Girls (bad, bad girls)

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