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NATASJA lyrics : "Intro"

Wha Mek Mi Heart Beat?
Wha Mek Mi Soul Sweet?
Wha Bring Di Party Inni Mi Life

& Ah Mek Dat Complete?
Wha Mek Mi Dance & Wind
Wha Mek Mi Bubble & Shine

Wha Mek Me Talk Nonsense
Talk Conscious Time Af'er Time
Wha Move Di Deaf & Di Blind?

Wha Tek Di Lid Off Mi Mind?
Wha Mek Me Bumper Bounce?
& Ah Bless Di Ones Who Dont Have A Dime

Get The Crowd Aroused
And Mek Dem All Shout "Selecta" Rewind
Little T Pan Top Ah Dis

Gonna Bust A Lyric
Zikizaki Him Ah Pull Up Di Tricks
And Di Music Ah Kick

Everyday A New Lick
Love How Di Rythm Ah Di Heart Gon' Big
Everybody Need It

Dey Must Have A Hit
Do Anything Fi Hold On To Di Fix
Heal Me With It

Give Me The Latest %#@!
Give Me My Life
Give Me My Music

Mek Me Feel Good
When Mi Down Sick
Yu Di King Of Medicine

Yo Yo, Ah Di Music, Yo
Ah Di Healing
Give Mi Life Meaning

So I Go..
Mi Ago Spread Sum Healing Pon Yah
Juss: Release...

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