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NATASJA lyrics : "45 Questions"

Soo Many Questions, Man...
Cyaan Find No Answer, Yo...
Yo, Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why...

Little Tasja Said... Tell Mi Now...

Why Di World So Pretty To Mi Eye

Big Tings Ah Gwaan
Little Tings Ah Die
Why De Best Pass De Test

& Leave Di Rest To Stress
Humbleness Is Kinda Lost In Di Abyss
Why Do We Lie

Cheat And Deny
Tell Mi Who Am I
Gazeing At De Sky

Is It Really True
The Sky Have No Roof?
Why Is It Blue?

Why Do I Cry Over You?
Man Are Murder One Another
Heartless In Fronta Mi

Sum Even Self-Destruct
In De Name Of Something Dat Dey Cant See
What Is Right, What Is Wrong?

Is It Weak To Be Strong?
Who Wrote De Bible,
Gave Dat A Title?

Why Good People Easy,
When Bad Minded Idle?
Why Di Earth Turn Right Around

& Not Di Other Way?
De Money Dat I Make
Dont Cover De Bills I Have To Pay

When Some Rich Guy Win De Lotto Every Day...


Tell Mi Why
So Much Innocent People Die
Before De Time Right

& Leave De Rest Of Us To Cry
Tell Mi Why
Di World Seem So Pretty To Mi Eye

& All We Know Is Fi Destroy

When Is Di End, End When Did It Start?

Why Do Fullmoon Always Tremble Mi Heart
Why Is Love So Nice,
& Still It Hurt So Much?

Sex So Good When U Find De Right Touch
Wanti, Wanti
Just Cyaan Get It, Getti

Getti, & Den We Nuh Want It
Why Di Human Mind So Clever And Smart
So Intelligent

So Stupid & Ignorant
People Feel Nosy & Just Acts Intricant
Power & Greed Mek Ah Man Militant

Psychosis, Nutcases, Suicide & Such
Still Wonder Why Fat People Eat Too Much
So Many Stars & We Neva Can Touch

Dem Nah Stop Creatin The Drugs
Wonder If These Questions In Mi Song Even Matter
Pass Mi De Pepper, Cau Di Earth Is Gettin Hotter

So Tell Mi Why Oh Why Oh Why...


Cant Seem To Find Di Answers To Mi Questions, Yo...

Little T Ah Said... Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why...


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