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NATAS : When Will I See Your Face Again lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "When Will I See Your Face Again"

when will I see your face again? But
when I got my pistol in my hand .cause

you the one that's waitin on me
you the one that's hatin on me
you the one _?_ on me

you the one forsakin on me


Well uh, can you rock that %#@!?
(I can rock that %#@!)
This how they rock that %#@!

(That's how they rock that %#@!?)
Well how you rock that %#@!?
(I rock my %#@! like this)

This how we rock OUR %#@!
(Lemme rock that (*##$.)

I'ma rock that, drop that, pop that balloon
Your head is too big for your shoulders, boom

It's over, it ain't good to know ya
don't make me search the whole $#&@in hood for ya
can't even hide out, rats can't escape the trap

don't make us wild out with bats and gats on fake macks
they all see-thru
Don't let Themindzi peep you

Gettin exposed with some ho's it ain't nothin to be fool
It's on now forever
I ain't foolin with ya

I die never
I'm in your future ^!$$%
All y'all can get it dawg $#&@ who's with ya

That's the game, there's a winner and a loser, ^!$$%..


How can I make you understand?
How can I kill another man?
Blood's on my hands, Ballerz envy

I see the animosity....In your eyes
Enemies pray for my demise
I'm gonna fly into the skies

And when I die the sun will rise


Yo, I rock that %#@!
whether that rap %#@! or crack %#@!
master that %#@!, serve that %#@!, raw

never whip my %#@! with a Blood or Crip
BG's or GD's, vice lords just rock that %#@! for me
gang bang or crack slang do your thang

Whatever it is just let your nuts hang!


Swerve with me smoke some herb with me
Get shot up in a Suburban with me, die superb with me
And that's how real it'd be when you rollin through my city

With me cauze ^!$$%z be straight-up hatin on me
a G' I'm never fakin to be
Get some cociana flake and bake a cookie with me

Bake a cookie with me
Bake a cookie with me
Get some cociana flake and bake a cookie with me

I rock that Acid Rap %#@!

That quick-to-bust-a-cap %#@!
That get-out-the-line,-smack-you-up %#@!
Quick (*##$, I rock that %#@! hard

But I don't need no $#&@in guitar
No weapon needed
I'll run you over in my exotic sports car, ghetto superstar

Underground masta
When I'm finished whooping on your $$#
"do you know who did this to you?" is all they $#&@in ask ya!

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