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NATAS : We Almost Lost Detroit lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "We Almost Lost Detroit"

I stay true to my city, now ain't this a pity
^!$$%z in my city be actin haciditty they be like damn

Thats that ^!$$% who be talked that ill %#@!
But, um, I'm just a ^!$$% that be kickin the real %#@!
And I don't believe in %#@! I don't see

So don't ask me bout G-O-D cause my religion is reality
Suckas be frontin for nothin, but I'mma get mine
I been kickin some old wicked %#@!, since 89

So you can fear when you hear me if you wanna
I gotta case of paranoia Natas gunnin is comin for ya
Back the $#&@ up when you see me don't even look my way

Or I'm tempted to $#&@ up your day, you better pray
^!$$%z talk hoe %#@! about me but bring it to my face
And I'mma put yo $$# in yo place, (*##$

I represent where I'm from and that's the D-E-T-R-O-I-T
And these mother$#&@ers kill me

"Well we almost lost Detroit"
"How do you get to Detroit?"

"Hey now, wait a minute man you ain't gotta come on like that witcha cat
Ya dig, we was just rappin, you know what I mean man?"

^!$$%z just be scared of the wicked %#@!
They ain't feelin it, never understand cause its the real %#@!

Some suckas hate me cause I'm realer than most
But these chatty ^!$$%z in my city keep playin me close
And mother$#&@ers spreadin gas up all over town

Every time I come around ^!$$%z wanna be down
100 pennies in your pocket, 40 dog in yo hand
Don't you know you're just a worker and your boss is my man

So get my dick out your hand because I'm down with the real
Ready to Shaquille a ^!$$%, and $#&@ how you feel ^!$$%
I've been down since D-A-Y O-N-E its only me

No Jimmy Walker, dynamite TNT
Its real life till I die and real life till I'm dead
And real life is all I ever really truly said

So go ahead with that bull%#@! if you must diss me
I represent the city, but it ain't representin me



Never thought I'd find myself in the middle of war
With the same ^!$$%z and (*##$es I'm tryin to puttin this %#@! down for
Stay true to your city, due to your city you're a star now

But there's a price to pay with your life cause you devlish and wild
Givin a $#&@ that they sayin that my rappin is wrong
Its just so happens that your deepest fear is a wicked song

I'll bust one for you bust your head and leave you headless
You want me to kick this wicked madness you ain't said %#@!
My mind's about to bust one time, first I'll bust this rhyme

Let me see waht evil's on my mind, ^!$$%z wishin I'm dyin
If I do I'm takin em with me, I'm takin this whole city with me
Underground, fools die from this wicked sound

The ghetto mist is thick so I can't see %#@!
All I hear is clickety-click I gotta get these enemies off my dick
You see they hate me, they want me to die but naw

The day I dropped the Blaz4me's the day I almost lost em all


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