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NATAS : Untitled (Track 8) lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Untitled (Track 8)"

We tight

^!$$%z Ahead Of Time And Space
And uh... y'all ^!$$%s don't know
What the future is

Where the future at?

The future's lookin dim... it's lookin dim

Is it how I'm livin or this wicket town I live in?

Ill decisions got me sellin my soul to roll like a villain
I'm all in in this mission
I can see it now wicket and wild, frail mental visions

Oh my God, there they go, here we come they done came
Sick with the name (Name)

Sick with the game (Game)
Sick with the pen so much, God can't save em
Make em

Say a prayer before I early grave em


I do no [email protected]%!e sniffin so Allen Griffin in Comerica
Now all of America in mass hysteria
Worldwide police bank robbery in Hollywood

^!$$%s on the East, and the West coast up to no good, so


(Bless the words that I speak) You can sell me yo soul
Sell me yo soul (bless the words that I speak)
Sign the Devil's Contract (Bless the words that I speak)

(Bless the words that I speak) Sell me yo soul


The wicket $$# warlock, who totes the glock
I'll make ya
Body rotten ^!$$%s plottin gone forgotten

You ^!$$%s better realize you $#&@in with death
'Cause ain't %#@! right, when I got one bullet left
In the chamber my anger make you approach the danger put

Fear in a stranger Detroit strangler
Murder and money make the world move so many
The murder composition'll cut like an incision

With my ill vision I done seen so many killas

So (*##$ you know your life can be gone at any given
Watch the world blow up, watch the cracked streets
Blow up like a gas leak ^!$$%, don't get yo $$# beat

Wicket ^!$$%s, ride on whoever, it's like a reign of terror
It don't stop never... never... it don't stop never
Sell me yo soul

And you can sell me yo soul

Sign yo name up on the line, there's no future at all

^!$$%s been gone like my 'scalenes and alcohol
Got the whole world jumpin, and bumpin my %#@!
And if you hoes don't like it you can eat a dick

I got a .357, plus suicidal

Unholy is my title and I'll burn ya Bible
In this new world we livin in, somethin's gotta give
In God we trust, make all you ^!$$%s sin

from dawn to dusk, turn yo love to lust
(*##$es flip out they drawers like Dominique Dawes

The one and only bomb dropper
Still $#&@ a copper
And I won't hesitate to pull out the nine and pop ya

From the terror in the aisles, wicket styles
Smokin the black and milds, ridin 7 mile
Recite the Lord's Prayer start blastin
Screamin redrum $$#assin

Paranoid, schizophrenic
When I bust I make the police panic
Too gigantic in this world we live
uF eht kcuF -gees and all the groupies

All those who evade jurisdiction must not have paid attention
Mastamind's in this (*##$ again
When you listenin, what you picturin?
You should see me ridin through the ghetto mist in the wind

And make it a sin for puttin wicket words in text
No ^!$$%, can see me in this life, catch me in the next

For the money and gold, for the fame and riches
^!$$%s keep sellin they souls for blind ambitions

But if they follow me ^!$$% they know the right way to go
Take a ride on the wild side and let that %#@! flow... flow

And you can sell me yo soul, sell me yo soul


You can sell me yo soul

Sign the Devil's Contract

Welcome to my nightmare, welcome to my mind hoe

I'll never grind slow, I'll get mine and go
I got my name on the Devil's Contract, I'm that
^!$$% you don't want to come at
I run the game so quick
I'll make you think that your brain was sick
All that's goin on in this world is subterrain %#@!
I got this wicketness on my mind

And I wonder if I sign the Devil's Contract
could I turn the page, and find
Diamonds and gold, riches and hoes
Meditate life so much I never listen to those who oppose

Unholy Esham that's what I said

etirovaf ruoy kcuF rapper got a hole in his head
As the world turns, your soul still burns
And most of y'all mother$#&@ers still mislead

(Bless the words that I speak)


And you can sell me yo soul

(Bless, bless the words that I speak)

You can sell me yo soul

(Bless the words that I speak)

I'll sell em all

Sign the Devil's Contract

(Bless the words that I speak)

Uh.. uh... It don't stop

Neva stop

The wicket %#@!'ll never die!

Never Die...

And you know what? (What's that?)
$#&@ every radio station, from here, across the nation

Ain't down with this %#@!!

Underground... Yo, we got a pirate radio station, yo

Let that %#@! play

Oh, oh... This is for all the ^!$$%s who don't ride... they ridin
We ridin down Jefferson now... we just gonna ride... That's right

$#&@ it...
Gothom City

I be the ^!$$% that can get up in legends,
with the rockports on outside
With the pipe in the ride
The 850, the pimp and the ho
Bumpin the Master P and not D'Angelo
The radio disc jock Sarah Connor
Gone off wet and [email protected][email protected]&&
The unholy (*##$ yeah it's me
Straight out the D so who wants a key
I'll split the wig
Of a dirty pig
Made a deal with the Devil and I won't relieve
$#&@ life is my motto, 'cause it's just like lotto
See you win some you lose some, use some abuse some
^!$$%s think rap records gone save they life
And ^!$$%s think trick hoes gone be they wife
Well I'm here to let you know that all that %#@!'s wrong
And dead mother$#&@ers don't sing no songs
They don't... sing no songs
They don't sing no songs ^!$$%

Dead men don't sing
But they do dream
About bein alive
Sign it on, my ^!$$%
^!$$%, you can get away wit it

%#@!... ^!$$%s wonder how we keep doin this %#@!
Well uh... Maybe it's because, uh, one night
I was sittin in my room, and, playin with a Ouija board
And I kinda sold my soul
I been doin it ever since! [Laughs]

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