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NATAS : Torture lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Torture"

(feat. Dice, Esham)


Torture...Nothing but torture


Torture ^!$$%...
Welcome to the torture chamber
Cutting ^!$$%z dicks off

Ain't no [email protected]#( around here,^!$$%

I'm getting crucified,in the public eye a ^!$$% died

Come and meet the killa inside on a murder ride
I wanna pop piggity pop until they all fall
My style gets ugly like that mutha$#&@a Biggie Smalls

I walk barefoot on a butcher knife
And $#&@(no audio) if he ain't representin (no audio)
The .45 slug thug killa,spill a ^!$$% brains like Millers

Cause we be Superman cap peelas...


Aaaaahh! I'm coming outta the woodworks
Nobody move nobody get hurt
I'm leaving bullet holes in T-shirts(pop pop)

The buddha lightin,masturbating while rhyme writin,wicket
Finger $#&@ed the #[email protected] of Jada Pinkett
I burn up obituaries

I $#&@ed Halle Berry to death and dumped her body in the cemetary
The dick loaner,the big booty (*##$ boner of all types
Burnin you (*##$es with crack pipes...


Burnin ^!$$%z up
Tie yo $$# up to a telephone pole

Like Jesus Christ,^!$$%
Jesus Christ

Fantasies is unreal,I'm burnin you pigs with black steel
And killin children for your Happy Meals

Like takin candy from a baby
I murdered my old lady with a 380
(Because the #[email protected] drove him crazy!!!)

She never knew what was in store
Cause I'm the ^!$$% that raped the (*##$ 2Pac went to jail for
I'm insane from asylum,the asylum drove me insane

Sniff cocaine to ease pain


I got one in the chamber,the torture chamber
I'm paranoid,so you best avoid
Any confrotation,I rub the barrel like masturbation

To nut all in yo face and
Look what you facin
A madman unmasked like jason

Gun smoke smellin,Reel Life yellin
I show my face of death
I got one bullet left in the glock

And I'm screamin 3,2,POP!!!!!!!

[Esham & Dice]


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