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NATAS : Oh My God lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Oh My God"

...yeah,T.N.T's up in this (*##$ a.k.a. Tony Montana
on the... (*##$, yeah, they can't touch me, yeah

Tony Montana, I shot up a body in Atlanta
Dump that (*##$ in the river it don't matter

Still make moves on the street it don't stop
Still got the connects for the guns and crack rocks
^!$$%s hate my style cause my style's irregular

Never talk about weed on your Bernie Mack cellular
Connect with E, I got some D on the scale
^!$$%s been gettin mad since Boomin Words From Hell

And I got that drug parephenalia
Deep down and we affiliated
We often imitated but we're never duplicated

T.N.T you know me, I'm on the east side
And my gat's on my side when it's time to ride

Oh my god, he's got a gun.....Oh my god he's got a gun
(I'm bout to bust yo $$#)

Oh my god, he's got a gun......Oh my god, he's got a gun


Oh my god he's got a gun so don't be surprised
When I bust this mutha$#&@a right in front of your eyes
So ^!$$% I stay psyched

Cause every dumb ^!$$% that I know out here is strapped
And he'll shoot your $$# at the drop of a dime
It's kill or be killed, that's the state of mind

With no worries in they eyes but time for the crime
Cause half these mutha$#&@as on this planet is blind
Ya see Natas is Satan, I didn't wanna yell it

But N-A-T-A-S is how us ^!$$%s spell it
Last time I said $#&@ the whole world ya didn't hear me
Now I'm whippin out the mac to make you punk ^!$$%s fear me

Oh my god, he's got a gun......Oh my god, he's got a gun

(I'm bout to blast yo $$#)
Oh my god, he's got a gun...... Oh my god, he's got a gun

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