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NATAS : Multikillionaire lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Multikillionaire"

Get ya mail boy
Natas... Forever

You see, everything around me
Rules, by the money

Man, I just think about the capers
How we do for the papers
Then later repent my sins with prayers

All wickedness
It's forgiveness It's
Kill or be killed

Best be skilled with ya business
Who moves the product wit the quickness
Who fit us

Who about to get the riches
Who real who fictious
I need to know right now

Wit all the cheap chumps
And petty punks
Step to the front of the crowd

And all the broke ^!$$%z be quiet
(*##$ this a carjack get out ya %#@!
And let me ride it

I'll show you where all the money at
And all that and then some
Show you how to creep up

On the come up wit ya income
You need to know the players to $#&@ with
You need to learn the (*##$es that suck dick, ^!$$%

You need to know the game
Or learn it quick
Cuz out here, yo luck ain't %#@!, ^!$$%

So many lives were lost for this
So I'm goin put it down
At all costs cuz if

A ^!$$% get lost in the mist
He'll be another victim of these streets
And can't reap war benefits

Soliders in this war
We battle for nights
You can't make a mil amore

If you never had it in sights
Let's make a deal wit your life
I'm feeling ill I might

Do some dirt with my steel
And peel you off if the price is right
Just to let you know where my mind at

I'm gone
Never talk about the lik I hit on the phone
Snitches get the chrome to their face

Watch them %#@! and piss
You need to roll alone thru this wickedness, ^!$$%
Set ya self up for drama

Ya fool living
I kick the game too tight
I see the future too vivid

I'ma just ride
My course to die
If we all live short lives

Natas immortalized, ^!$$%


Never die
Getcha mail boy

You can take this to the bank and cash this
You'll never take the multikillionaire status

You want (*##$es to you
How feed you
The devil told me "Mastermind my son them ^!$$%z can't see you"

Put the heat to em
Or let my killers do them
Another piece of history

Another unsolved mystery
You miss me
Get at me in the next life after death
Am I, going to hell
Ask yourself

The game done got hot
Im like $#&@ the fame $#&@ the props
Just cash me up on my service n I'm back on the block
All sacrifices are made
All bills paid

I'd rather be a multikillionaire
With the ill pay

Never die ^!$$%

You see
Everything around me
Rules by the money

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