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NATAS : Midnight lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Midnight"

12 in the mornin, woke up with the shakes
Serial killa, Mr. Frosted Flakes

My hands were all bloody and I don't know why
I'm thinkin bout my (*##$ and why she had to die
Some ^!$$%z out to get me said she settin me up

They pulled out they pistols started wettin me up
I seen my life pass before my eyes in a flash
I drew down my weapon and I started to blast

My (*##$ caught a slug in the back of the neck
I emptied out the tech and ^!$$%z hit the deck
I ran for the beamer it was sittin in front

I left my (*##$'s body smokin like a philly blunt
And it was

In the midnight hour
In the midnight hour, it all happened

In the midnight hour
In the midnight hour, they started cappin

I'm bleedin like a mother$#&@er grabbin my chest
My heartbeat racin like a EMS
I called my partner up on the portable phone

I blew my (*##$ brains out with the chrome
My ^!$$% said he'd meet me at the Omni hotel
Court date was today and he just jumped bail

Police out to get him, he was under arrest
(*##$ warrant for my ^!$$% with the mental stress
Met my ^!$$% at the spot and he had nothin to say

Metro airport to East L.A.
When we got the city it was drama again
Seen a ^!$$% that we jacked in 89 for 10

And it was


The ^!$$% started trippin he was wavin his gun
Pissed off since 89 cause we murdered his son

Straight bullets started flyin every way but in mine
Still bleedin like a pig and I'm pressed for time
I looked up and my ^!$$% caught a slug in his face

Now I'm madder than a mother$#&@er tryin to embrace
My homie body turned cold, I felt him slippin away
He was just here alive now he dead today

And the ^!$$% who had shot him, he was shot on the floor
So I went to his body and I shot him some more
He looked me dead in the face and said you're going to hell

I spit blood in his face as I started to yell


They started cappin
In the midnight, in the midnight hour

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