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NATAS : Killas Don't Talk lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Killas Don't Talk"

(feat. T.N.T)


Another ^!$$% dead cause he didn't know his fate
Found him face down bloody body by the lake
I didn't know his name but I swore I saw his face

My clothes were all bloody so I gotta leave this place
One more dead body and it's added to my list
The drama's gettin thick cause I'm caught up in this %#@!

The %#@! is kinda simple cause it started as a game
The blood of a madman runs through my veins
Killaz don't talk


My hands were all bloody muddy tracks through the kitchen
Undercover cops question me for suspicion

Askin me some questions bout a murder I committed
(Damn ^!$$% did you do it, who done it) yeah I did it
I'm thinkin to myself "Hope I didn't leave no clues"

I looked at my feet and there was blood on my shoes
Probably the homocide I have no alibi
I guess I plead the 5th and I don't even try

Killaz don't talk...


One bloody body in the river floatin pale

Body full of holes plugged from 17 shells
I panic cause I'm manic cause I'm full of some depression
I told them go to hell they ain't gettin know confession

They said they know I did it cause they got an eye witness
They saw me dump the body of a jehovahs witness
They can't beat my mind cause my mind is kinda dead

The truth I never said cause I'm $#&@ed up in the head
Killaz don't talk...

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