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NATAS : Itzalright lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Itzalright"

hey, whassup
I got my ^!$$% in this (*##$

hey ^!$$%, these mother$#&@as talkin %#@!
well whatchu, whatchu got ta say?

well whats up (*##$es, and all you hoes?
I got my hands on my [email protected]*% so here it goes

you see, G I be the T dash N to the T
and I'm down wit the R dash M to the P
so many suckas say my name, its a god damn shame

that yousa chatty $$# ^!$$% who ain't got no game
I wouldn't talk about you, and call you weak
when yo poppa smokes stuff, and yo mommas a freak

(*##$ boy, you know you can't $#&@ wit the flow
I got the fat dick trick, wit your (*##$ you know
and I'ma do this for my ^!$$%z who I know in this town

and all you Brandy type ^!$$%z just wanna be down

itzalright, if you high tonight
I said itzalright, if you high tonight

I said itzalright, if you high tonight
[Esham] so get yo panties out yo $$# (*##$ you too tight

I make the hoes say hey, every time they see me
I know ^!$$%z deep down inside wanna be me

but $#&@ that, I'm only out for the loot
gimme the #[email protected] and the mic I got nuts to shoot
$#&@ you dumb mother$#&@as wit yo one track mind

cause a ^!$$% like me high all the time
and I just wanna $#&@ every hoe I meet
if I can bust 2 nuts then fall asleep

i'll be straight like Jake wit the #[email protected] to go
had the (*##$es work the #[email protected] fast, work the #[email protected] slow
and if you know a hoe like dat, you can send her my way

she be, butt naked $#&@in 10 ^!$$%z today


ah one two, tell me whats up with the flow

when I'm bustin nuts in (*##$es mouth I don't even know
I slap the taste out a ^!$$% mouth who disrespect
you better check yo self before I wreck yo $$#

punk ^!$$% talk %#@! and ain't got no heart
but ain't never been down with the %#@! to start
and if you don't know me ^!$$% lets keep it that way

'cause I might be gone off the EMJ
and all you ^!$$%z thats killin eachother for hoes
gettin mad at the (*##$ for the dick she chose

you betta let that hoe go and get another to $#&@
cause you just don't know who dick she sucked


hey, all you ^!$$%z out there thats uptight

you betta go sit back and smoke a fat one
before a ^!$$% smoke you
and we out

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