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NATAS : I Ain't Giving Up No Love lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "I Ain't Giving Up No Love"

Mother$#&@ers spittin gas up all over town
Everytime I come around ^!$$%z wanna be down

If I'm dissin one ^!$$% then I'm dissin the next
Give me the #[email protected], the money, and the mic and then check
I'm down with Natas, down with Natas, yeah I'm down with the crew

And if you're diggin with the devil then you're down with it too
So many on that fakin funk, but I ain't fakin no funk
And while I'm makin some old wicked %#@! its shakin your trunk

And if its dope well tell me dope and then how dope can it be
And if it dope it ain't a mother$#&@er funky like T
I'm tellin ^!$$%z, tellin ^!$$%z better back the $#&@ up

You better raise up off my nuts cause I ain't givin it up


I ain't givin up no love
Ain't no love

I ain't givin up no love so tell me how can it be
I'm down with N-A-T-A-S so raise up off my blaz4me
Ain't no G-O-D drop a wicked rhyme on delivery

Makin ya shivery that evil ^!$$% TNT
Burnin up Bibles ain't no prayin in my plan
Its time to take a stand $#&@ the ku klux klan

And my ^!$$%z, my ^!$$%z, yeah my ^!$$%z, oh my ^!$$%z
My ^!$$%z are those ^!$$%z with they fingas on the triggas
And I kick it to em stick it wicked to em stayin true

My ^!$$%z in Kalamazoo yeah I thought you knew
But to you suckas, you suckas better back the $#&@ up
And raise the $#&@ up off my nuts cause I ain't givin it up


I'm droppin %#@! like one more time just to let yo $$# know
I ain't givin up no love and you can't $#&@ with my flow
Its TNT mother$#&@er with my dick in my hand

Screamin $#&@ the police cause I know I can
I gives a $#&@, I gives a $#&@ about the boys in blue
And if I worked at the donut shop I'll poison you

Little crazy young ^!$$% bout to self destruct
Hangin round Esham got my head $#&@ed up
People lovin to be livin thats a lie and a half

^!$$%z cryin while they dyin and its makin me laugh
So give it to me, give it to me watch me $#&@ it on up
And raise the $#&@ up off my nuts cause I ain't givin it up


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