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NATAS : Get My Head Together lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Get My Head Together"

(feat. Esham)


I hear a voice in my head, my head hears voices
So many choices
I'm coming down off a bad trip, and I'm sick of all the bull%#@!

It ain't my fault, it's all my fault, who's fault is it ?
It doesn't matter, can you understand
I live the life of a madman

I'm psycho, suicycho
Not Michael on a motorcycle
I can't understand myself

Man I need help
Who am I ?
Am I who you thought I was

If not too bad cuz
I ain't trippin, nah I'm trippin, cause you know I be trippin
You don't know me

How you gonna know me when I don't know me
I try to get to know myself
Self knowledge and tell myself

They're all gonna laugh at me....
I gotta get my head together

I gotta get my head straight, I'm losin my mind
Givin you a piece of my mind

I got somethin on my mind one time
But heyyy nevermind
I'm losin my sense, I got no sense

No nonsense, mo dollas than cents
Since I'm dyin
The world may never know if I'm lyin

Lyin in my grave
Heyyyy... I think I need a shave
What's my name ? Who stole my brain ? Who should I blame ?

Blame it on the boogie, blame it on the rain
I can feel yo pain
I'ma say, heyyyy I forgot what I'ma say

Who, what, when, where, why, how ?
I gotta get my head together

I got to get it straight, I got to get it straight
I can't really wait, I can't really wait

For my mind, making my mind, I'm losing my mind
So do you mind, I don't mind if you don't mind
Cause what's yours is mine

But I need my own
You know what I'm sayin holmes
You don't know cause I don't know

So get that my names Esham
Slit your wrist, drink a orange juice

Suck my dick, what's it to ya
I'm from nowhere, I comin straight outta nowhere
And going nowhere

Mo dope, mo dope, mo [email protected]%!e for the fiends to smoke
Hit me, come get me lock me up
I don't give a $#&@

I gotta get my head together


Man I'm back, I'm the black devil and that ain't no joke
What's up, who's playin that beat
Comin thru in the backseat

Cheap shots,cheap tricks
But you can suck on my toe hey hoe you know
That I'm the black bro

I still don't know where I come from
Lick my balls till my dick's numb
Dum diddy dum diddy dum dum

Redrum, I feel like a redrum
Why I'm talkin bout him ?

Is that me ?
You can't see what I can see
Man whateva
I gotta get my head together

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