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NATAS : Fuck Da World lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Fuck Da World"

Yeah, I got some %#@! on my mind
Some %#@! that I been wantin' to say

Some %#@! that I gotsta say


$#&@ the world
It's like $#&@ the world
$#&@ the world

I said $#&@ the world
$#&@ the world
You know like $#&@ the world

$#&@ the world
I said like $#&@ the world

$#&@ the planet I'm on, I wish I was never born
But I was torn to be warned so now I mourn
My thoughts are paralyzed, I see terror signs

I recognize my mind, metamorphosize
I hate this planet and the people that live on it
I sold my soul and then I feel no pain because I want it

And I'm torn between life and death and death and life
My blood drips from the blade of a butcher knife
I have thoughts of hate and mental anguish

I hate you, I hate me too
I can't go back to the room, so I resume the temple of doom
They wanna put me in a rubber room

My momma told me there'd be days like this
I'll be feelin homicidal, suicidal, suicidalist
I kept his back, his peeled his cap backwards

I'm not religious, but more than just a sacrilegious
You better ask somebod about the ^!$$% that's odd
And $#&@ you and your God and your world


I'm gonna bust, so call me a Mossburg
The sky is fallin like dominoes and Donald Byrd
$#&@ the world, I'm not your regular human being

You never testified a witness the murder scence
Mercy me, Lord have mercy for weak minds
Must I reach for my nine, once I'm speakin my mind

They trip, angel dust make me bust shots
Three little pigs, blind mice why I hate cops
Head ache, migrane bring the pain on

With my maggot brain on, some insane song
So you sing along, murder's my national anthem
Area nation, huntin' for a black panther

But killas don't talk, they walk the flatlines
And you should know that I'm out my mind
So $#&@ the world


$#&@ the world I'm in, it never represented anything
But Reel Life Products, thats why many sings
The blues, bad news, bad times, bad rhymes

Bad lines, bad thoughts, bad %#@! on my mad mind
Some people say that the world will never end
I gotta step and say hello to my little friend

Push the button I panic for mannick depression
And with my Smith and Wesson I teach you all a lesson
I'm sick of thinkin' my mind's blinkin paranoid

Once I counteract it, bullets get interacted
Chain reaction, can't get no satisfaction
The world is fallin apart like Michael Jackson, so $#&@ 'em


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