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NATAS : Cancun lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Cancun"

I feel like to a foreign land,
feel like taking it somewhere (somewhere).

Some type of foreign land, got to get away E
you know what I'm saying, what I know

Life's hard what am I supposed to do in this cold life
Only thing I really know how to do is hold mics
On cold nights we the hottest

On the blocks or the projects
Bless the mic for Natas
Now the heat is on we got the streets warm

We'll only stop setting %#@! on fire when the beat is gone
Keep it strong money keep it long
With each song history is born we da wrong

Cats to collapse so what the beef is on
Never cry about the pain if the game treat us wrong
Wicket world wide over seas it's on

We clock gees while they clock zees
who you sleeping on huh?

[Chorus: Esham]

Shake the day my seniorita mama la pita,

shake the day my seniorita, mama la pita.


On the cool beach of Cancun under the moon
Me and honey sipping Boone's finna go to the room
As I zoomed into the feature times rhyme with the clarity

No, I said it was all good in the land of prosperity
So I fly through the sky with a blink of an eye
Under the shade of my sombrero wouldn't think it was I

Mama see a seniorita we was smoking some reefer
She was hoping that I keep her but I'm nothin but a creaper
It gets deeper with the street sweeper

But on a day like today I just sit in back and parlay
In C-A-N, C-U-N
If you girl ain't bumping I bump her best

friend in Cancun, yo in Cancun, yo I said
in Cancun, yo yo in Cancun



Mamacita seniorita
It's a black thang baby so you know it's weaker
Living the viva la coca while you slang the yoca cola

Hot like Cancun clock bank like Tommy Mottola
If you be a snake I'm a call you a boa
Constrictor till you get the pict-cha

As I squig the liquor
Drop the bigger figures
Ain't no stopping yo seniorita so tropi-co

Cop a O and drop a flow
Cop a 4 with a 4-4 your undercover love go
From to Detroit to Chicago or wherever I go

I keep my blow tighter than the hair on your hoe
Under the cherry moon down in Cancun
I'm all about the boom

Honeys know I'm about to hit the boom boom
Up in Cancun all about the boom

[Female Spanish voice to end]

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