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NATAS lyrics : "Boo Yaa"

I'm comin at ya like boo ya, I trouble shoot ya
Never had a devil step this close to ya

Chill cause it's cool, who you lookin at fool?
I do my dirt I got a dirty mind, come up off your jewels
Show me where the heads at, let me take a shot

Trouble's what ya got 'round the block at my spot
Drop dead basehead as I sing my slang
Can't hang with the rough neck %#@!? Use the exit

Be out my house as I make this house my home
I'm comin' from the zone where the bad guys roam
Life after death can it be?

You're blind cause you can't see me
Comin at ya like

Boo ya, comin at ya like boo ya
Boo ya baby

Comin at 'cha like boo

"Boo!" boo "Boo!" boo "Boo!"
Boo "Boo!" boo "Boo!" boo "Boo!"
Swish, Boom! clear the $#[email protected]' room

Sawed off shotgun Natas coming soon
In the book I gives a $#[email protected] about your crew
TNT's comin at 'cho $$# like boo!

Body snatcha comin atcha if I catch ya
I'm a gat 'cha and just ratta tat tat cha
It's like that ch'all, "That ch'all", that ch'all "That ch'all"

Just pass me the mother$#[email protected]' gat ch'all
And let me unload the clip and check a ^!$$% for his grip
Cause this script is comin quick and don't trip

I'm comin atcha like


Comin atcha like boo ya

Mother$#[email protected] I'ma do ya
And let the hollow points run right through ya
I never knew ya, so I'm gonna screw ya

Kick the voodoo and stick a pin straight through ya
I gotta break him off, biggie biggie break him off
Pops on my dick, wanna murder me I shake him off

And $#[email protected] the klans man, come and take a chance man
Ride with a psycho just like Michael
And if I hit him up, then I gotta get him up

Boo ya, boo ya, boo ya, lit him up
I never knew ya, so I gotta screw ya
Watch out for the killer inside me comin atcha like


Boo ya baby!

Boo Ya, I bring it right to ya!

Boo ya! boo ya!

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