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NATAS : Be Careful What U Wish lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "Be Careful What U Wish"

God say pray cuz the devil don't pray
You didn't know I was a witch did ya
Voodoo it just might come true

This ain't ya same old story rags to riches

Seems like I'm living in hell even though I got my wishes
This is so serious I'll never get it twisted
Make a visit to gothom city you're on the road with the wicked

I love women but I still call 'em (*##$es
Rtaher smoke this green leaf but I still smoke swishas
Rather live in the hills but I'm in the hood

So many people I would kill if I could
Manic Mastamind with the rhyme thinking bout time
Thinking bout how I'm gonna live and die with mine

Say $#&@ 'em all
Like my ^!$$% E say, $#&@ the radio and the DJ
So wicket ^!$$% make you kneel and pray

Oh my god there they go, here we come, they done came
With a gang gothom ^!$$%s insane
Be careful what U wish for

I'm sick of all these ^!$$%s make me think sick thoughts

Conspiracy and murder ways not to get caught
I'm thinkin suicide suicide is on my mind
The U-N-H-O-L-Y takin a walk through time

On the flatline
I'm out my mind I write my rhymes in blood
Kidnap your baby mama drag her through the mud

I don't give a $#&@ about where you from
^!$$% I bust dum dum's at dum dum's
I'm comin up your block to set up shop burn up your block right

I'm from Detroit where ^!$$%s burn up %#@! on devil's night
If you do not know me I don't give a $#&@ what
N-A-T-A-S blood's on my chest

Forgive me for my sins but I'll have to kill again
Some cracker commit suicide as soon as I begin
No more will I let you know that the flow is critical

$#&@ the police, my %#@!'s still political
In this New World Order, it's a slaughter
Be careful what you wish for

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