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NATAS : All Praises Due lyrics

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NATAS lyrics : "All Praises Due"

"Ready nig?"

Let me put you up on this, like I roll this
I'm more than just a microphonist

Let me the $#&@ alone trick
Get your mail on with out me, I'll get mine no doubt
And do the #[email protected] all night freak, is this the game about

We own %#@!, and they done let me in to make mill
From coast to coast to rock the bill, do this shake the hills
Set up shop on ya block here I come

Make the business move smooth with the hum
Young nation leader, lead a pack a killas to enter
We sinners, we finna eat yo $$# for dinner

[Chorus x4: Mastamind]
And all praises due to Gothom

I keep goin till the sun rise
Son of a gun Blaz4Me

Let me tell you a famous story about a ^!$$%
You never heard about

^!$$% disrespect and get your mouth blew out
Straight flew out the coop, check the scoop
Young boy on the microphone, yes incorporated

B-boy flowin ^!$$%, check my file
^!$$% got more rhymes than hairdressers got hairstyles
Old school, new school, legend in my own time

In fear of a black planet still on my mind
So why you diss a ^!$$% for a outfit
I'm tryin' not to be a toilet in the world a %#@!

[Chorus x4: Esham]
And all praises due to Gothom

I keep goin till the midnight
Son of a gun, Blaz4Me

Keep my name out yo mouth, before my dick be in it
Didn't I tell you mother$#&@ers? I was in it to win it

Still cold as dry ice make these ^!$$%z think twice
Droppin bombs on ya $$# make you scream for your life
Let's get acquainted, let me kick the game for ya

Bang it, point blank, frame it in the picture fame for ya
%#@! we do is real, $#&@ hoes pack steel
We all about our money rap on tracks for mills

And if you ^!$$%z wanna test us
You lucky charm $$# ^!$$%z fan out slugs, magically delicious

[Chorus x4: TNT's]
And all praises due to Gothom
I keep goin like all day

Son of a gun, Blaz4Me

Yeah, blasphemy, would you blast for me?

Cause I would blast for me, you know what I mean?
Don't be

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