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NATALIE IMBRUGLIA : sanctuary lyrics

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NATALIE IMBRUGLIA lyrics : "sanctuary"

Sit down, wait a minute
I thought we were special
This town, and everyone in it

Moves a little faster than the underground
No time, time is money,
Feeling like a piece of machinery

Let down, when I saw you tumble
Falling over pieces of me

I, I, I wanna be your sanctuary, set you free, set you free

Foot down, turn it around

Don't even know where I wanna go
No sound, and tunnel vision
All I need is you on my radio

No time, time is money
We've been through the traffic to cross the street
Blue skies, now you're talking

Gotta get the shoes off my feet

I wanna lead you and follow you
I wanna hold you and keep it true

So many things that I wanna do
With you

Last night under the light
I thought we were special
Your smile, dance for a while

I'm here to help you to keep it

To keep it, to keep it, to keep it

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