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NATAL CLEFT : Particles of Hate lyrics

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NATAL CLEFT lyrics : "Particles of Hate"

face me,run outside,run outside
rise up,lie to me,speak to me
rise up,run outside,run outside

feel the rage and anger inside my head,how could you be so right
show your face,feel me,bleeding inside

throw the black hole away,let the demons play
look at the face of my holy sin,hold me tight,grab me tight

grope tha abundance of my poison,ill $#&@in erase the dot that you are!

i dont know me,i dont know me

cant you see im looking for an answer,looking for an answer
remember the days of blinding darkness,darkness in you,darkness in you

self loathing,self proclalmation,self destruction,all are just ego trips
cant we get out of this vicious cylce!

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