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NATAL CLEFT : Asbestos Flagon lyrics

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NATAL CLEFT lyrics : "Asbestos Flagon"

i wont die for nothing
you wont die for nothing
you will live for nothing

guilt stabbing you
voices haunting you
ego betraying you

soul eating you
ill drain your black blood
cover you dead flesh

throw the skin away

catch my shadow and let it burn under the sun

you killed me in your dreams but i $#&@ed you in your nightmares
i have the rest of my immortality
worshiping you,strangling you,boning,choking,tearing you

you always betray me while i deceive you

climb the fangs of my eyes

the mighty waves are circling around my palms
hop in my crown as we drown
seduce your fear

contract in my sky
let the bees die
savor my fist

dance and shout with a twist
we will accompany you at the gates

lick my skull
$#&@ me like a doll
murdering a sin is always a win

your shrewd smile is gasping for my venomous shadow
missiles' parade serenade the sky
cleanse my veins just close your eyes

feel the silver traverse your poisoned halo

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