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Nat King Cole : Send For Me lyrics

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Nat King Cole lyrics : "Send For Me"

When you want
A true lover
Send for me...send for me

You'll never want
Any other
Send for me...send for me

I promise you
I'll be true
Send for me...send for me

Anytime just tell me
Your problems

And you'll find out, baby
I'll solve 'em
If you're late one mornin'

Don't hurry
If you've got big trouble
Don't worry

Just depend
On your friend
Send for me...send for me

A-mornin', noon and night
In the early bright

Don't you fret, my pretty pet
I'm gonna treat you right

Don't you dare
Raise a hair
I'm gonna share

Your every care
Oh, yeah

Send for me...I'll be there

[Instrumental Interlude]

That upsets you

Send for me...send for me
I'll be there
To protect you

Wait and see...wait and see
Don't delay
Right away

Send for me...send for me

It's gonna be

Yes sirree
You and me

Send for me

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