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NASTY PLAYAZ : Da Way We Play lyrics

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NASTY PLAYAZ lyrics : "Da Way We Play"

Ooh Oh Yeah

[Verse 1:]

Woke up at da evening Cuz my time is da night
Sound check is waiting for us Lets do it right
My job is da art My tool is da mic

Heavy blund in one hand And tall Tee is white
Twisted bike lowrider Gold shine as da sun
Rubberneckers eyes on me Cuz we playin' hot

White stripes on tires Camillion frame (oh wow)
Purple powerful ride Straight to da stage
Meet my homie Let's roll through da blocks

69 is moving smooth Night city lights
Hand out of da window Check out da ink
?Who da hell is dat rollin'?? Watch da TV and think

Back stage is second home And da crowd is da family
Let me check out my stuff And drink some hennesy
it's show time Curtain on my way

Hey T give me da beat, Cuz Dat's da way we play!
(Wow oh wow oh)

[Woman's vocal] x2
Playaz don't know another way

We smoke all night, we drink all day
You have nothing to say
Dat's how we play! Dat's how we play!

[Verse 2:]

Life is da game And da way you play
Ya'll be da richest homie Or da dead man
The game we play We chose our own

And to be the top player We train body and soul
There is no life manual It depends what you choose
Nasty game we play Rules are for fools

When we go out on da stage We can show what we've got
don't afraid of fu**in' haters (La la la oh) Or da crowd to rock
So my bad-a** rap song Will be playin' all night long

Ya'll be poppin' ain't no stopin' And da party goin' on
Our ice is shinin' Do ya feel da beat flow?
Spot light is on my face Get down to da floor

Our music will hit Your $$# to da sky
Cuz we doin' our thing As da nuclear bomb
From da bottom to da top That is our way

Music chart top place Dat's da way we play!
(Wow oh wow oh)


[Verse 3:]

It's time for after party Baby give me da b**ze
I want all sexy bodies To show me their b**bz

Chillin' with my homies Smellin' da b*d
We know how to party And there's no doubts
DJ playin' my song Damn, I'm fool henn

And dat s**ker MC Looks like dirty trash can
Two chicks by da bar Scannin' my direction (wooh wow)
Leaking bottle top Dreaming of my attention

Our game is nasty So is our life
Aces on da places And we keep our grind
Playaz music is Like da powerful blast

Moving from coast to coast Gonna brake you fast
Cuz lyrics I say Sharp as a nail
And da nasty play beats Are not for sale

Partying all night Hustlin' whole day
You got nothing to say Dat's da way we play!
(Wow oh wow oh)


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