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NARRY MUNK : Black Beauty (Bravery) lyrics

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NARRY MUNK lyrics : "Black Beauty (Bravery)"

Narry Munk -Black Beauty (Bravery)

(DEMO 1)

Live for the hate, live for the revenge,
live for the people who make Life to the end.

Live for nothing, live for the correction,
Live for the haters, who bullying you.
Violence eveywhere, breaking everywhere, wrong people everywhere,

I hate my Life, I have nothing to lose, these were the words that you have choose.

I'm lying, all time crying, just dying

I'm lying, all time crying, just dying

(Demo 2)

Everyday they trying to destory your Life,
Honey I give you a advice,

You must be a B*tch in this hell to survive
(high heels, tight pants, look like prostitutes)

Be who you are and live your Life,
This dosen't mean that your a freak,
stay on your ground and be the one, who is strong

(and be free)

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