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NAPPY ROOTS lyrics : "My Ride"

feelin easy like its sunday morning steak and eggs
hey livin off some big rims lookin like some blades

play her like a pimp type a ^!$$% aint me
with the tint the 35 percent so ya cant see
fish scales shotgun pass the "L" to big V

flip flop candy lookin so wet it drip drop (shiiiine)
from the tip top chrome double duce
make a (*##$ stop jaw drop ballin off this hip hop

on a budget back and forth from kentucky
we them type of ^!$$%s that crack corn in a bucket
a hundred and ninety spoke god damn

look but dont touch it we commin down I-65
nappy and company (vertical grills) on the cadilac we so real
skinny deville return like a bat out of hell

hell dont ya think nappy roots comin as well
Big V, B. Stille, Prophet, Clutch, and Fish Scales yeaahh

My ride be sittin on dem hundred spokes (hundred spokes)
my candy paint straight from the honeycomb (honeycomb)

wood grain interior leather and chrome (leather and chrome)
everybody ride out its on its on (its on its on)

ay yo thats my cab jumped out leavin a tab
hold on man we'll discuss that later

B. jumped out like ($#[email protected] that hater)
fell in the aspen rotten like martin
two white dudes one looked like matt harprin

later on he's eatin and ball in cleavland
and I jumped out like $#[email protected] your season
van dam woke up in the grand am

real hot no air for the car jam
twenty inches ride both on probes
look nice chevrolet on pipes

keep chevy tint that twinkle so bright
B.O.B im'a ball on budget
pumped out two thou on the 89 cutlass (biiitch)

nah you cant ride im selfish
aint too many ho's wanna touch this velvet



hop in with me we bout to leave
you gotta pop it I drope a dollar in ya pocket
gas up the crotch rocket pass up the cops blocked it

(hey B. Stille can I role with you and Prophet)
extra clean you cant tell me nean
drop the top showin off for the summa

the cadilac stretch on dem bow legged stillets
where the candy paint sets like a wet cigarette
bubble coat primers chrome spiders inside us

big enough for my team and a couple of trainers
but it hold no minors thats major
wood grain and ya get deep beaters big features

feel boom from the beats in my big speakers
its on in my seats and my signature
dont throw dirt on my name no shirt as I lean

out the window pane you hear the country boy sang


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