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NAPPY ROOTS lyrics : "Fishbowl"

(Swimmin in a fishbowl)
Chorus: Cuz the moons so bright

Got my sun shades on
And my drinks on ice
And they playin my song

(Fishbowl, Swimmin in a fishbowl)
Well laugh, well dance all night long (X2)
The night is young lets have some fun (X4)

Cats be out, dogs bark
Lovers kiss, romantic less
Well I do, little bit

Things you do, little %#@!
Red and white turns pink
I am here to make you think

There's a smile, there's a grin
Two to please, I am a friend
I'm your man, you know me

Just trust me, ay papi
I do say, you do care
Come with I, Take you there

Well we'll get louder then what we have here
I bought the weed man, and the ever clear
Lets make a toast to an amazing year

To all my real G's and my ladies in here
Well my chrome here

They say there he go on that crunk %#@!
Tell security that I'm on that beat
Tell the woman they commin with me

Bring some bottles for me and my peeps

Skip the bar, we in VIP

Tell the owner we out here gee
Roll the weed, with no stems no seeds
All we want is all eyes on us

Do our song and get back on the bus
Guess the owner don't pay his fees
Just to say his club got me

Well it is what it is if you hot you hot
Gotta do it big, if you not you block
Plenty more fish, if one could swim

Half the trouble is get it all on film
Swimmin along in a fishbowl

Drinkin patrone like a sisco
Ready to dip to where the womans are row
Think imma fall in a disco

They gettin it on, on the dance floor
I dive everything off the get go
It's turning into a sex show

Were dancing slow to good techno
Now we headed back to the VIP
Feelin kinda special

And everything is goin b alright
Lets make tonight official
Gotta keep it cool, if you don't you don't

Have what you want, if it floats your boat
We chillin in the cut called VIP
Life's too short, and the drinks aint free


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Thanks to alexandrap