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NAOMI KING : Fuck Buddies lyrics

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NAOMI KING lyrics : "Fuck Buddies"

Hey, you, we're good friends and
You're hot, so am I and
We're young, let's just live it up, woah

You, boy, you have needs and
I know you want me and
I'm going away so soon

I don't want any dates or any of that
I don't want a relationship, no

Let's not fake any feelings let's be straight up
So this is where I wanna go:
I wanna be

$#&@ buddies, ride me like a stallion

Don't worry, I'll leave in the morning
It's easy, you can play your games all day
And I'll be there when I'm ^^&$#*

Yeah, woah, yeah

Let's go out with friends and
They're just so confused with
What we are, let's make them guess, oh

Let's laugh all night long and
Then you'll bring me home and
Just enjoy the time we have

Well, I don't care if your parents are out or in
I don't care if your sister's next door

I don't care if your friend is in love with me
I don't care if he's sleeping on the floor
I wanna be


I want to be inside your pants
Want you deep inside of me
Don't ease up, boy, make it last

Or I'll find another

$#&@ buddy who'll ride me like a stallion

And won't worry 'cause I'll leave in the morning
It's so easy; I can do my %#@! all day
And we'll be $#&@ing when we're ^^&$#*


Yeah, woah, yeah

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