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NANCY WARD : Let There Be Peace lyrics

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NANCY WARD lyrics : "Let There Be Peace"

I was born in a field of corn, in the land of the cherokee
I did my chores but I knew there was more, than my eyes could see.
I married young he was brave and strong, but he died fighting for his creed.

I took his place, but I vowed someday, that we would live as one.
Let there be love, let there be peace.

Let life fly free, as the mourning dove.
Let every heart hear the song I sing. Let there be love, let there be peace.
Let there be love, let there be peace.

All the children died, and the white wolf cried
"All ye people, lay down your guns"

And the white man's heart beats the same as ours, so we can live as one.

Now I am old, but my story's told, may it grow as the years go by.
And when you see, a white swan's wing. Know I, am still, alive!

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