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Nanci Griffith : These days in an open book lyrics

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Nanci Griffith lyrics : "These days in an open book"

(Nanci Griffith)

Shut it down and call this road a day

And put this silence in my heart in a better place
I have traveled with your ghost for so many years
That I see you in the shadows

In hotel rooms and headlights
You're coming up beside me
Whether it's day or night

These days my life is an open book

Missing pages I cannot seem to find
These days your face
In my memory

Is in a folded hand of grace against these times

No one's ever come between your memory and me

I have driven this weary vessel here alone
Will you still find me if I leave you here beside this road
Cux I need someone who can touch me

Who'll put no one above me
Someone who needs me
Like the air he breathes


I can't remember where this toll road goes
Maybe it's Fort Worth or a heart of gold
The price of love is such a heavy toll

That I've lived my life in the backroads
With your love in my pocket
If I spend the love you gave me

Tel me, where will it go?


These days your face
In my memory

Is in a folded hand of grace
You're a folded hand of grace
You're in a folded hand of grace

Against these times

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