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NAMEWEE : Fuck Lynas good day to die lyrics

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NAMEWEE lyrics : "Fuck Lynas good day to die"

Yo! Namewee in Kuantan
For our Commonwealth friend
Namewee $#&@ Lynas!


Yeah!Namewee! $#&@ Lynas!


Malaysian! $#&@ Lynas!

$#&@ that!

Kuantan is a veli beautiful place

Always got foreigners coming here to play
But I ghear many people talk many people say
There`s some kangoroo $#&@er wan to come here for long to stay.

I duno wat the $#&@ is the "rare earth"
I also duno who the $#&@ is "Lynas"

I ony know this is my home
I won`t let it get hurt!

$#&@ off from my turf!
Or I`ll cut off yur kukubird

You say no problem?
Then why come to our country?
U think we will stay silent?

U dono Namewee!
This is our home! We won`t let you come, we song!

We`re not scared of you because we got C4 boom.
People say "Stop Lynas"
I say we $#&@ Lynas!

We will keep on $#&@ing until you say
"Oh my goodness!"

If you still cannot understand our accent
The today we are having some big problem

Today is a very good day
Very good die very good die to die
is a very good day

Very good die very good die you go to die
x 2

Go back to Australia Go $#&@ your own kangaroo
Don`t come here anymore we`ll say "kamminnabu"
MAlaysians Bersatu!

Don`t stay home and act cool
Later your baby children grandson become hantu!
Who invited you here?

Who gave your offer?

Who ever I don`t care

I say "$#&@ you sir"

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