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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "Now I Pray"

(feat. Musaliny-N-M.A.Z.E.)

[Noreaga: talking]

Uh, (yeah), gangsta, killa (killa)
killa beats ^!$$% (beats ^!$$%) Iraqians (Iraqians)
Do it like this (send Iraq to the heavens)

Yo, yo, yo guns, wars, banana clips holdin

Tec nine's the wet clothin
These ^!$$%s heard we mack moldin
It's all gravy how I $#&@in my eighties

No women, no babies, Versace ^!$$%s get crump crazy
You think I'm soft how I'm up in the loft
And gettin sucked off, with some Cristal on my @@#!

And plus duck sauce and two Spanish (*##$es lickin it off
Nah, ain't %#@! changed I'm still pickin you off
I stay drunk wit a lot of reefer

These ^!$$%s gay like the guard that was in "Sleepers"
Two ways without beepers
These little ^!$$%s more leapers

I got gangstas that gangbang on all creatures
Shoot your whole face up and $#&@ed up your features
Iraq soldier, see the Henny made me fall over

And still $#&@ 'til I'm dead sober
I don't care about your balls, your hood, or your weed
$#&@ your whack $$# thoughts I can throw some speed

[Chorus x2]
Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take (uh)

I desecrate the nations, gee I'm a sick individual

Jose Louis yo, !@%(og digital
Cigliari Trarabelly, Run Isreali my ^!$$%s run deep in your roots
Allah Kelly got your project shook, everytime you look

Cause I pray fifty ^!$$%s every flight they book
Your more story, get up outta the club, it's drunk NORE
Hands around my two Spanish (*##$es holdin my liquor

Across the street these ^!$$%s scopin me, hopin I slip
Like I ain't on point, but what point is this
Do they know my fingers stay itchy, my whip do a buck sixty

Do a 360 donut, and shoot 50 ^!$$%s in they $#&@in faces
I dumped their bodies by the horse races bloody valore, a couple Nore faces
Yo keep hatin until you will see

More volts in your chest plate it's hard to breathe
It go


[Break: Musaliny]

Uh, ah
Hey yo this street life we live it
This thug life we live it

If you ain't frontin, we live this %#@!

Hey yo this street life we live it

This thug %#@! we live it
Thugged out ain't playin, we live this %#@!

Hey yo, hey yo, it's Muze vinity chin tap your chin
Send a shot through your limb, think we ain't gonna win

Stuff valar I know they way I'm livin ain't right
But's that's life live and learn 'til I get my game tight
I came up a broken home, rolled wit chrome

Pops was never known on the block 'til my cheddar's blown
Fiendin for the day I was on, fat beats since the day I was born
Too know he snatched me and my other half

Thugged out never gettin cash
No mom would put a foot in ^!$$%'s $$#, mash
Coast to coast wit the Cali most

Tally wit toast and party wit my cousin's ghost
You (*##$ ^!$$%, what



Uh, Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake

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