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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "Nahmeanuheard"

(feat. Dwnlzy)


Where my skateboarding ^!$$%s at?

[Chorus x2: Dwnlzy]

I know you heard, know you heard
I know you ^!$$%s heard
Know you heard, know you heard

I know you (*##$es heard
Know you heard, know you heard
I know you all heard

What what what what what what what what!
Tell me you heard!

Yo, yo, yo, yo pull that ^!$$% over, snatch the ^!$$% out the Rover
Dat dat dat, gun shots all over

And I wasn't there, but if I was
There'd been a lot more gun shots goin off then they was
So, tell 'em hoes to fix they wig

You see my stomach all round, my dick all big
And my guns come mixed like Robin kids
N.O. $#&@ ya wife, snatch ya ice

And my !@%!e come white, like Barkley wife
Can't stand how, these ^!$$%s be frontin
Dumpin off 8 shots, ain't hurtin nuttin

And who gives a $#&@ bout, who's spirits is better?
As long as my %#@! is dope when I put it together
Me and Swizz with another one, hot forever

And you can call Violator, for show that you whoof
I like a Swizz beat, %#@! already come with a hook, it go



Yo, yo, yo, aiyyo it's hope sittin, mother$#&@ers know me
Everytime I drop an album, ^!$$%s O.D.
Though I send slugs at ya, and ruin your day

Your like "man there's holes in me, it won't go away"
And I'ma straight sergeon, I'll change ya face up
You'll have no ear, when I lace ya shape up

Cause really N.O., I don't $#&@ with ^!$$%s
And if you even met me, you just a lucky ^!$$%
^!$$%s always talk about how much jewels they got

But ^!$$% I talk guns, that's usually hot
And 9 times out of 10 they gon usually pop
It's like herpes, it won't go away, it stay hot

Man, I be spittin like these ^!$$%s is dead
Cause I'ma get my money, these ^!$$%s is dead
So what, I be hype, I be ready to buc

From the closet, I keep my $#&@in gear in the truck, it go


Yo, yo, yo, got the Lap Truck, tell them hoes to lap up

Hit me on the 2-way, my phone is tapped up
Matta fact, don't even hit me, it's too much low
But if ya hit me on the pager, then use them codes

I got the feds on me, I'm supplying the !@%!e
And don't flash no money, I act tight broke
Cause man, I'm in this game with somethin to prove

Only been a hood tour, no smoke to groove
I was on a record label that loved to loose
No promotions, lucky when we hit the news

Beef, it don't bother us, we got God with us
Rip some pieces of ^!$$%s, we got 'Card with us
Man, Swizz'd drop it, I'm ready to do it

Don't think a ^!$$% nice, these ^!$$%s is stupid
Man, signed a deal, rap'd sell
And these ^!$$%s straight gay, these ^!$$%s is squeel, it go


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