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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "N LUV THUG"

(Ft. Prodigy & Maze)

When we spoke for the first time, you got a bit out of line,

Still I know you, I was hoping you'll be mine,
Open when you saw me shining in the process,
Boasting to your peeps about the sex, me ain't even had, yet.

? I gotta get with this rap %#@!,
Me and you infinite, that's who I wanna win it with.
Lay and reminisce about the time before you shine,

Giving you? for your body and your mind.
You could tell that I'm a real !@$@,
Cause real !@$@s do real things,

So it's.. for me and you to live it out, no doubt,
If I gotta go to war now?
Yell if you want to, I ain't? for love, but I warn you?,

Born true, if I got love is on the?
Well, I feel you to, not a keeper between us,
Make rules here on?

Hey oh! N luv thug,

You know what a thug?
The times we fight like we ain't got no love!
!@^%s been hurt of $#&@ed of love,

But you're a thug lover,
Walk like a thug, brother!
Talk like a thug, brother!

I guess it will always be on,
..more $#&@able form.
Hey oh! N luv thug,

You know what love is?

She say it's torture whenever I torn, leave it at home,

My .. my pretty young thing?
Over me? when I come back,
..waiting for me and?

We got eat .. we can't live,
We got leave, if I don't stay on the move,

We can't get that crib we want.
Start a family, perhaps maybe, lady, you don't only want?
For me to even speed like this,

You ain't the only on fellow while I'm gone,
I'm missing you too,
And by the way, keep it also on me,

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