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The !@$@ was my favorite enemy
You know what I men about that
Doesnt sound crazy Youre favorite enemy

That now that hes gone, he passed away,
I realize that he wasnt really an enemy.
Cause we never pulled up guns at each other,

We would never take that far!?
A lot of misunderstandings weve been have,
But now that hes gone Imma salute him?

He was my favorite enemy we used to kick up ducks,
We grew up around each other so in guns we trust,

We was close once, Im talking sixty one days,
11, 12, 13 before my blind date.
..and be like who you are,

!@^%s get.. that was me and you..
We held the hood down together,
Aha! And we used to run it round together, aha!

Our girlfriends were friends we had to hang around each other!
I knew that, it was animosity,
We was both hard headed, dumb !@$@s possibly.

We used to play baseball literally,
Till that base turned to eight balls, literally.
Im black Puerto Rican and youre black Jamaican,

I used to tell you Johnny slow down a bit,
But you aint give a %#@!, always now
Im hoping that you came home a little clever,

I used to ask about you, you go
..frock, were cut from a different cloth,
..a quite different cough.

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