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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "Head Bussa"

(feat. Noreaga)


Head bussa . . .
Head bussa . . .
Head bussa . . .

Head bussa . . .

[Chorus x4]

I don't know 'bout you, but I'm a head bussa (head bussa)

[Verse: Noreaga]

Hey yo . . .
Yo, N-O-R, you can catch me in my favorite car (car)
Drop Lex, black truck, Gordo the "Lazy R"

I'm like a pitcher, I throw my hits crazy far
And if you is what you smoke then - hey y'all
I'm never faired up (faired up) I got some lead what (lead what)

And keeps some chicks in my whips and they always just $#&@ my head up
I'm like whatever God, ain't a ^!$$% better guard?
I rock a Neptunes beat like it's a leather garm

Know about you, but I'm a bed crusher
See I don't know about you, but I'm a head bussa
You see it's God Favorite, he built the project bricks

Chicks love us anyway, cause we just make hits
No Re-my, I'm good with just water and fish
Thugged out Militainment see we focused - (*##$

Stand strong in the pain, see me hold my pivot
Or you can catch me in LA, with a Mexican midget

[Chorus x4]

[Verse: Noreaga]

Yo, yo . . .
See I'm a Philly ^!$$%, I can't $#&@ wit a duck chick
Automatic whips, can't $#&@ wit a !@#% chick

Jo-se (Jose) I'm so relaxed it seems
The first ^!$$% sellin' cracks through a fax machine
%#@! Star Tek (Star Tek) I hold my gun in the raids

And I can make planes crash through a two-way page
^!$$%s stack like, act like I ain't made mad classics
Like I'm a new artist, demerit these rat !@$(s

But that's aight cause I'm a still make more
And I could sell bad work, still say that it's raw
I make songs for the poor ^!$$%s

The most "Grimey" and raw ^!$$%s, the ki-ki-kickin' your door ^!$$%s
Go arm wrestle next, see whose neck I break
I send my little man home (dude go home man) have to check out late

She a bed crusher, see I'm a bad person

[Chorus x7]

Duh . . .

Ain't a damn - thing the same
Look, I'm a see if ya sayin' my name (N-O-R)
Millionaires, that change the game

That got 9/11 clouds (clouds) and bullets that grain
Don't calm down (down) this is soldier game (fa' sho ^!$$%)
Kill for money, the raw and the caine

Let me, see you flag, the color of car ^!$$%
Fix your fingers, show me what you are

[Verse: Noreaga]
See I'm a head bussa (bussa) it ain't hard to tell
That I'm a keep makin' hits, it ain't hard to sell

And them Def Jam ^!$$%s put that paper behind us
We left that other label, and the hatin' behind us
^!$$%s want beef, it ain't hard to find us

We in the 'Lac Truck, them ^!$$%s in Path-Finders and-uh
The crime scene like N.O.R.E.! , N.O.R.E.!
People wanna scream they like N.O.R.E.! , N.O.R.E.!

Man, I'm outta' town my ^!$$%s travel, too
We in LA getting' sucked off in Malibu
A new-car, ask the Jake, they call me "know %#@!"

Cause everytime they question me, I don't know %#@!
And hold this, yea ^!$$% just know this
I always drink Henny, hardly know the 'Cris
Straight monster-wrist, I keep a ill beat
And ^!$$%s hardly like you, your %#@! still weak


[Chorus x8]

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