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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "Grimey f/ Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D.)"

Yeah ^!$$% - part four muh'$#&@er
Thugged out ^!$$% (Grimey)

Neptunes - ^!$$% what ^!$$% (Grimey)
Violator - ^!$$% what ^!$$% (Grimey)
This %#@! is serious - type serious (Grimey)

Uh, uh-uh, ^!$$% what ^!$$% (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, ^!$$% what ^!$$% (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, part four ^!$$% (Grimey)

Yo, yo, yo

It's like $#&@, it's King Tut jewelry, blind fury ^!$$%

I smoke boogies, conspiracy theory
It's like I'm Malcolm, with just the X
These (*##$es swear they in love but it's just the X

^!$$%s act like, my !@%!e ain't long in stress
Like I don't keep two shotguns, under my chest
I flip, obsolete see I'm the king of the streets

And show muh'$#&@ers how to rhyme on Neptunes' beats
In Miami, Pun shoulda, won the Grammy
This year I'll bring the %#@! home to his family

Go 'head, and keep hatin, until you receive
Mad volts in your chest plate, hard to breathe
See you a hater like Star & Buc, ^!$$% what

And $#&@ Tommy Boy, them ^!$$%z just suck
I'm the ultimate, gun on my dick, hoes swallow my spit
Wanna drink every bottle I sip

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
^!$$% when that heat, is bustin off

And the ambulance come, and rush you off
And the witness like - we don't know dem boys
Me and my ^!$$%z goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey

Then we resume, hangin with stars
Then we live in fat houses and fat $$# cars
Then we drive and scream - ^!$$% !#@* the law

Me and my ^!$$%z goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey


Yo, yo
I alternated with the greatest, upgraded my speech
We Violator violatin, y'all ^!$$%z capiche?

It's unsafe like late night on (?) Beach
Drink some river ranches and get slurped at least
Let's have fun wit it, in the Bridge my ^!$$%z dunn wit it

^!$$%z had hit records, but we done did it
Pop a collar; see them chicks they like to holla N.O.!
You know them hoes already know they gotta swallow

Money like Nutty Professor - fat as $#&@
Four gold albums; ain't none of it luck
Brad Pitt, Fight Club %#@!, $#&@in you up

Since you, seem so tense release the mutts
I'm connected, the police release my cuffs
Call me Fillmore, naw ^!$$% cause I'ma feel more

^!$$% this my year, you gonna feel Nore
Money we got it but still try and feel more


[Bridge: Pharrell Williams (Noreaga)]

Type of ^!$$%role, we must be dunns (Grimey)
Toothbrush shanks and rusty guns (Grimey)
^!$$% get popped can't hush me son (Grimey)

Sellin everything 'til they cuff me dunn (Grimey)
93 Ac' $#&@ a Range ^!$$% (Grimey)
Saliva at the mouth of your chain ^!$$% (Grimey)

Reynolds wrap, !@%!e, and doo-rags (Grimey)
Never cleanin up, ^!$$% screw that (Grimey)

You see we unbreakable, y'all ^!$$%z is uncapable
We 2G ^!$$% we use gats that's untraceable

Still smokin, and ^!$$%z know how I do it
Keep big shanks, %#@!'ll cut in half your Buick
Just me and shorty, late night in the park

And gettin so much brains I'm startin to feel smart
Off Beelzebub, feelin my love with cold heart
See these fake ^!$$%z, my fists'll break ^!$$%z
We switchin labels, now it's time to break ^!$$%z
We switchin labels, now it's time to break ^!$$%z


[Pharell Williams]
Hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey


Violator - ^!$$% what ^!$$% (Grimey)

This %#@! is serious (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)..

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