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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "Fowl Niggaz"

[Verse 1]
^!$$%s'll steal from you, help you look for it (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s that'll always make bad decisions (fowl ^!$$%s)

^!$$%s that'll $#&@ your hoe while you're in prison (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s that'll steal from their own mothers (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s that'll snitch on their own brother (fowl ^!$$%s)

^!$$%s that'll tell your girl that you cheatin' (fowl ^!$$%s)
And get with her, so they can start beatin' (fowl ^!$$%s)
$#&@in' bithces raw when you got diseases (fowl ^!$$%s)

Pop %#@!, when you get caught, you cop pleas (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s'll smoke your weed, tell you ?my bad? (fowl ^!$$%s)
And drink your liquor, all that you had (fowl ^!$$%s)

^!$$%s'll tell your jump offs you got a wife (fowl ^!$$%s)
And tell your wife you got jump offs, that's snitchin' twice (fowl ^!$$%s)

Fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s?
Fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s?
Fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s, fowl ^!$$%s?

[Verse 2]
^!$$%s that'll love to lie around you (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s that'll wear a wire around you (fowl ^!$$%s)

^!$$%s tip a (*##$ and then take it back (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s talk behind your back, say you wack (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s that'll $#&@ right in front children (fowl ^!$$%s)

^!$$%s still pissin' right in front the building (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s that'll tell you that they got your back (fowl ^!$$%s)
When drama on, they don't even call you back (fowl ^!$$%s)

^!$$%s order bottles, they ain't got bread (fowl ^!$$%s)
Bill come, already drank it to the head (fowl ^!$$%s)
^!$$%s order weed, never chip in (fowl ^!$$%s)

The party come, watch them ^!$$%s dive in (fowl ^!$$%s)

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