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N.O.R.E. lyrics : "Consider This"

(feat. Kelis)

[Noreaga: talking w/ variations]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, we up in the studio
Woody Freezy up in the nassa me, ya Easy
We also gon do support the Fleezy, and do the damn theezy how we usually do

The theezy on the deezy
We supposed to be a theezy
And yell a beezy, do it how we do it

Doozy Deezy, where the easy, tell 'em easy

[Chorus x2: Kelis w/ variations]

His name is N.O.R.E. (uh oh)
Don't push and he'll be sorry (uh oh)
He might consider furs (uh oh)

Drivin, mixin the words (uh oh)


Yo, yo, yo, it go ways to get the money long time on cash
I'm caught up in the scramble where them guns go blast
If they ya killas then your killas is $$#

I'm the world wide hustler
I keep the gats in the muffler
Married the block then broke up with her

Still in the hood still choppin my knicks
And my shots don't miss like Steryakovich
Now my mind clear, I design to stall fear

I'm like Puff and Cous that dudes that I Kia
N.O.R.E. Cali weed I spark three
And (*##$es say "I'm a friend" like Biz Markie

I get sucked off, I used to buck off
But now I can't do it I go straight up North
So now I just chill and remain a G

Sometimes its no crew just Lone And me
So please let the mother$#&@ers know who I be
It go

[Chorus w/ talking in background]

Yo, yo, yo I'm on the block buggin, drinkin with my homey (ey yo)
Come her shorty where you goin? (ey yo)

I lay like some !@&(, drinkin some Henny beamin
Blowin (*##$es backs out leavin 'em all screamin
I ran wars I divide the plan tours

$#&@ these "Deuce Bigalow" ^!$$%s they mad !@^%s
N.O.R.E., dirty, black certy
I'm a Benz drop ^!$$%s on I-30

Smack ^!$$%s right in they grill
Now stand still, see I stand still
Cause my ^!$$%s I stand still

See I lay, lay back, Carniac
And now ^!$$% drink like that and sell rap
It go

[Chorus: w/ talking in background]

[Break: x2]
I carry mack, mack, mack

All dressed in black, black, black
I keep it gutter, gutter, gutter
On a Neptune track, track, track

[Noreaga w/ talking in background]
Yo, who gonna stop the guard try and rock the guard

On the dance floor frontin, had to drop the guard
%#@! D.A.N. - Dead on N.O.R.E.
And them little ^!$$%s run in the Ville they punk for me

Ain't %#@! change, still no pot to piss in
When I gotta piss and the pot is missin
%#@!, bright and early when I wake up son

Don't front cause I'm the one your boss read I'm from
It go

[Chorus: w/ variations]

[Break: with "Yo, it go" at the end]

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