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MYAH MARIE : For Now lyrics

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MYAH MARIE lyrics : "For Now"

Verse 1 -

Patience, waiting,

Time? I'm wasting
Midnight to a.m.
It's you I'm hating.


Fill me with the words you said last night
Take me to the place that felt so right,
No you're not the one, but it's alright

Because it's you and I tonight.


Maybe in a week you'll be out of my head
Maybe about tomorrow I'll forget what you said,

Maybe in a week you'll be out of my head
For now it's you, it's you and i.

Verse 2-

Nervous? I speak off

You've got what I want,
Hands free,
Tell me,

Why you're teasing?

You got me all tight up and twisted in my mind,

You turned me right side up
But it's ok I'm fine.

I know it's just a phase
I'll end up with what's mine,
And I'll forget your face

Cause I fooled you this time.

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