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MS. SANCHA : Going Down lyrics

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MS. SANCHA lyrics : "Going Down"

(feat. Mr.Sancho)

[Chorus 1: Ms. Sancha]

I Go Down You Go Down, I Go Down You Go Down, We Go Down To The Southside Of
Town, 69' [Repeat]

[Chorus 2: Mr. Sancho]
We're Going Down 69 Miles An Hour As We Drive To The Southside Of Town, We're
Going Down Bump N' Grind Side To Side Keep On Moving It All Around. 69'

[Ms. Sancha:]
Ms. Sancha Is Back And I Got A Little Question For You, What Do You Think The All Time

Greatest Freaky Sex Thing Is To Do? I Have To Say 69' Going Down At The Same Time
Puttin It In Your Face, Always Said You Had Good Taste, Not Too Bad Yourself We Can
Share The Wealth, Heard It's Good For Your Health, But That Could Be A Rumor Thugh

But One Thing I Know, Love The Way It Makes Me Feel, Plus We're Killing Two Birds With
One Stone Having Sex In A Mill.

[Chorus 2: Mr. Sancho]
[Chorus 1: Ms. Sancha]

[Ms. Sancha:]
Now I Know I'm Not Alone When I Say How Much I've Loved To Put My Lips Around That Bone,
Even More When He's Got His Lips On My #[email protected], Tongue Moving Up And Down All Around,

Legs Off The Ground, Wrapped Around His Head Squeezin', Try Not To Bite While I'm Giving
Head, Got This Vato Feeling So Good, He Got Me Feeling So Good Too, I Could Do This 67 More Times
Only Got Time For Two, I'll Be Back For More Sancha Ain't No [email protected]^%, Just Cause I Love Sex

And I Talk About It, Love The Efects, That's Right Especially When I'm High Love To 69' I'll Suck
Yours You Can Lick Mine, We Can Have A Good Time Put A Little Whip Cream Now It's Soft And
Sweet, Solid As A Rock Now I Can See That You Feel The Heat.

[Chorus 2: Mr. Sancho]
[Chorus 1: Ms. Sancha]

[Mr. Sancho:]
Come On Baby, Give Me A Little Bit Cause You Looking Tastey, Climb Up On This Thug Baby

Got A Vato Going Crazy, Let's Go Down But You Go Down First I'll Touch You From Behind,
Then I'll Pull Up Your Skirt, It's All Good Rolling With The Homies From The Hood, Get A Blunt
Light It Up, Roll Another One Puffing On That Bomb Wood, Hit Up That Mo' Mo', Lets All Grab

That Hydro, Your're Just Chillin' Right Here With Your Big Homie Sancho, And That's Just The Way
It Goes Down When You Chill With The Low Pro, Got Hoes Coast To Coast, Tell The Homie It's
Home Grown. 69'

[Chorus 2: Mr. Sancho]
Oh, 69', Oh, 69', Oh, 69'

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