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MS KRAZIE : Te Deseo Lo Peor lyrics

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MS KRAZIE lyrics : "Te Deseo Lo Peor"

You Think You Grew Some Balls Sayin That You Wanna Leave After All The $#&@ing Times I Spend With You You Wanna Walk Out Well $#&@ It And $#&@ You Pinche Puto Go And Handle It you ranked On Your Familia So You Now My Enemiga K Paso y Como La Ves My Love Turned Into To Hate y Me Sigue Valiendo Madre So I Say It From The Gets It Didn't Use To Matter When You Acted Like A (*##$, But As A (*##$ You'll Never Change Mi Carino Turned To Rage and now I'm Laughing I Ran Out Of All Tears About A Year Ago So I Don't Give A $#&@ About You Or Were You Wanna Go There's No More Memorias No More $#&@ing Pictures Para Ke Seguir Llorando Si Pronto Me Andas Cambiando Simon Yo No Te Miento Algun Dia Yo Te Quise Y Ahora Todo Lo K Quiero Es Que Te Trages Las Lombrises Disculpame Las veces Que Te Dije Yo Te Quiero Se Me olvidaba Que A Ti Te Gusta El Pinche Fiero!...

Amor Llevate Su Recuerdo Esconde Para Siempre El Eco De Sus Pasos.

I Was The Only One there When Your Homies Acted Stupid The One That You Would Talk To When Nobody Cared About you La Ke Estaba Hayi Rezando Ke No Te Pasara Nada Y Ke Ahora No Te Importa Y Ke Me Vaya A La Chingada Well Well Well Deja Te Miro A La Cara A Segurarame De Ke Sepas K Haces Una Pendejada Para Ke Luego No Me Jodas That You Made A Big Mistake Be A Little Hoe Go Ahead Your On A Role Quierias Andar De Caliente Ojala Acabes Cidoso Me Das Asco Pinche Puto A La Verga Con Lo Tuyo Regret & For Leaving What You Knew Was A Good Thing %#@! I Was The Best You'll Ever Have But Now Dat You Loss It Dalo Por Perdido You Got No Feeling Ya No Te Hagas El Sufrido Culero Te Deseo Lo Peor Maldito Perro Acabese De Morrir Porke Yo Ya no Lo Kiero


En Serio No Te Gastes Tus Palabras En Ablarme Porke En Unos Segundos Te Parto Tu Pinche Madre No Salgas Con Excusas De Porke Andas De Pirujo Si Tu Y Yo Sabesmos Ke De Lacar Hay De Lujo No Seas Bruto No Me Duele Ke Te Vallas Si En Los Anos Ke Andubimos No Servistes Ni En La Cama Chavala Pinche Vato Vales Madre Si No Sirves Para Cojer Mucho Menos Para Ser Padre Te Me Largas I Don't Ever Wanna See You, You Wanna Play The Game Hopefully Someboy Kill You You Cause I Got No Remorse The Things That I've Said Or The Things That I've Done That Made You Run You Think You Can Find Somebody Better Go Ahead Be My Guess Mutha$#&@er Aver Kien Chingados Te Aguanta You Done With The Best Now Get The $#&@ing Baboso I Say Wtf? I Have To Say Simon Es Todo


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