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MS KRAZIE : Taste Of Honey lyrics

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MS KRAZIE lyrics : "Taste Of Honey"

Tanto Tiempo Disfrutamos, Este Amor.
Nuestras Almas Se Acercaron Tanto Asi,

Que Guardo Tu Sabor, Como Tu Llevas Tambien, Sabor A Mi. e

Verse 1:

How can I resist kissing those lips of yours?
Damn baby, you don't know what you do to me.
When you touch my face, and you tell me that you love me.

You tell me I come first and you put nadie right above me.
If anyboy would know the real me, it would have to be you.
You look beyond everything, you're like a sueño come true.

And I gotta give it up, cuz you treat me like reina.
Just a couple of the reasons why I love being your hyna.
Y ya tu sabes that you have in me, what those other rucas never gave you.

confession, and trust, and lust, and love, for the man in my vida.
El que me cura las heridas.
I love you more than I ever did when I met you.

And i don't think I'll ever live to forget you.
You're my one and only, let alone mi soldado, mi chulo, mi mexicano.

Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir,
bastaria con abrazarte, conversar.

Tanta vida yo te di,
que por fuerzas tienes ya,
sabor a mi.

Verse 2:
Since the first day we made love, I knew it was forever.

A taste of honey, a taste of me to leave you never.
Always by side, always on my mind.
That's how I know we got it,

forever mine.
Siempre sere tuya, no matter what happens.
You know that I ain't playing,

que conmigo, you're always laughing.
Caressing on my chest,
firme, luscious brown.

Slowly take a breath, and watch my body move on down.
And let me show you all the love that I got for you.

And let me show you all the things I can do for you.
Cuz ain't no other person in this world I'd rather be with.
Cuz you're the best thing, the best thing that I've ever been with.

Mi corazon, mi vida, mi ilusion,
Te pido que no cambies, porque pierdo la razon.
Me gusta como hueles, and how you make me feel.

Man, this gots to be real.


Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir,
bastaria con abrazarte, conversar,
tanta vida yo te di,

que por fuerzas tienes ya,
sabor a mi.

Verse 3:
There isn't much more to say,
with what we got going on is enough to foreplay.

I know some people jealous of what we got going on.
We don't need to pay attention,
they just want us to go wrong.

And all the looks from the girls that you get make me feel even better to
know that I'm your lady.
I'm representing for the things that we do,

laying down next to you, hasta que el tiempo corra lento.
And this is much more than sex, when I'm talking to you.
I can tell you Anything,

And Everything Is True.
That This Is So Much More Than A One-Night Stand.
It's A Relationship Based On Knowing You're My Man.

And Can't Nobody Ever Change What We've Already Done.
I'll Always Keep You In My Heart, Even When I'm Gone.
I Love You Baby, But You Already Know.

Siempre, And Forever You Know.

Si Negaras Mi Presencia En Tu Vivir,
Bastaria Con Abrazarte, Conversar.

Tanta Vida Yo Te Di,
Que Por Fuerzas Tienes Ya,
Sabor A Mi.

Sabor A Mi.

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