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MS KRAZIE : Cold Blooded Girl lyrics

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MS KRAZIE lyrics : "Cold Blooded Girl"

Yo krazy.
Bout to kick another oldie or what?

Simon once you flip that %#@!.
Alright let's do it.

Trippin out on everybody trust nobody but my self and event hen I keep it coll ain't no
Me and then I keep it cool ain't nobodys fooling me explain
Why I do the things I do and the way I am down low when I

Can used to be somebody who would care.
Firme I was there till he $#&@ed me over didn't know what
Was up when he did mi wrong shady on the phone but fortunally

I dropped it on time made up my mind in one of a kind.
$#&@ being friends I put that on mind straight out off my
Life no longer his wife he still don't give a $#&@ what

His got to say he choose it that way he wanted to play am
Doing that %#@! the thanks that I get so now am a ruka
Malvada y ke...

$#&@ being friends I bring that %#@! back all this all these
Stupid foos wanting to mack and wanting the $#&@

Pendejos no saben am all out off LOVE your all out
Of LUCK ain't looking for homies I already got them
Fakes in the past I done right forgot them replace them in time

With locos and locas except for the ones ke abren la boca
Am still kicking back while watching my back I'll paint it all back ski mask when I blast don't give a $#&@ never
Gave a $#&@ enferma de la mente trucha with the

$#&@ putos trying to front acting like they know pero al final
Todo es puro show perdi sentimientos no quiero amistades
You say that your different comprueba con jales carnal...

And what I got to say about them hoes like you know easy
Come and easy go but I trip when they think I've

Sliped (*##$es quick to try to take my man as soon it looks
Like am walking out while I say I $#&@ locas man without me
Knowing (*##$ I know if you have them cause am done

And let them go so step when you see me grinning cause I
I know what's up doing that %#@! I catch you with my
Husband madrasos and all the heat that you gonna

Get and I don't quit I don't let it go catch you on the
Streets con un pinche show am from the big and bad mexside where the rukas ride nina on the side $#&@ your life

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