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MR. CAPONE-E : Summertime Anthem lyrics

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MR. CAPONE-E lyrics : "Summertime Anthem"

(feat. Fingazz)

[Fingazz (Mr. Capone-E in background):]

Nothin' like the summertime
Homies in the park goin'

Cruisin' down the block with ya

In the
In the
In the sunshine (Oh!)

[Chorus: Fingazz]
Kickin' back to the summertime anthem

Cruisin' in ya ride to the summertime anthem
I know you feelin' that summertime anthem
So get down to the summertime anthem

Summertime (Yeah)
Summertime (Yeah)
Summertime (Yeah)

I know you feelin' it
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Mr. Capone-E]
It's summertime, and I feelin' so good
Wake up in the morning with the player's groove

The weather is hot, and I'm in my drop top
Family and friends rolling through the parking lot
Today's a good day, so call up the DJ [Fingazz scratching]

Bring the Gatorade
It's a sunny day
By the way, I'm so fresh and so clean

Out of the sunshine, you know what I mean
And not to find no stress, and so it's time to chill
A moment of real action with a meat on the grill

And for real [wolf whistle]
The girl's lookin' so fine
Dressed to impressed, and the weather's 89

All the time
The homies bring the cars out
Black, white, brown, Asians, no doubt [lowrider]

It's a holiday
It's a sunny day
Summertime anthem, sing along



[Verse 2:]
It's still hot

As we reach the mid-day
Water balloon fights
And the kids play

Another day in the summer sunshine
Kites in the air, as the food gets prepared
All the fellas lookin' for the pretty girls

The pretty, pretty girls out in the summer world
Like DJ Jazzy Jeff
And Fresh Prince

It's Summertime again, let's reminisce
And how summer comes and goes, and comes again
School's out, let's all have some fun again

Everyone with their ringtones blowing up
It's the summer anthem song, so you know what's up
Play it loud in the park, cruisin' in your ride

Everybody enjoy life, these are the good times
Nevermind your problems, they go ahead
It's summertime, everyday is a good day


[Verse 3:]
Now it's 6 o'clock and it's feelin' so good
Summer breeze spreadin' throughout the neighborhood

Time to pack up the bags, and to roll on out
Jumped in the vehicles with the music playing loud
Like it was '94
Remember Whittier Boulevard after the car show (Sho!)

Those were the good old days
But the summertime's back, and it's time to play

[Bridge: Fingazz]

Nothin' like the summertime
Homies in the park goin'
Cruisin' down the block with ya

In the
In the
In the sunshine
Nothin' like the summertime

Girls lookin' hot, they a-
Maze up
I'm so fresh, so clean, so they praise me
In the
In the

In the summertime


[Hook: Mr. Capone-E (Mr. Capone-E & Fingazz in background)]
West coast (Feelin' it, summertime anthem)
Esat coast (Feelin' it, summertime anthem)

Midwest (Feelin' it, summertime anthem)
Down south (Feelin' it, summertime anthem)

[Mr. Capone-E:]
It's that summertime anthem

Ha ha
Mr. Capone-E

[Mr. Capone-E:] "Dedicated To The Oldies, Part 2... "

"Fingazz on the track... "

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